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I live in a racist city, okay? But not in the way the media wants everyone to believe. The south sucks.

The riots that have been going on are so ridiculous. Breaking in to businesses and vandalizing things and terrorizing innocent people is not okay! How is that gonna make anything better or make an actual point other than y’all are ignorant, racist, and mean? Even Martin Luther King Jr. believed in not using violence but let’s just disrespect him and be ignorant. Black people only flip out if something involves a white person doing something wrong to them. They go absolutely nuts and do all these awful things “to get revenge” on us and it’s all justified like we all did something wrong. I’m sick of living around that mentality. This thug was up to no good and if he was doing the right thing, this situation would have never happened. Not that I’m justifying the cop—but that’s just it! The issue is the authority trips cops have. ITS NOT A WHITE AND BLACK ISSUE. But let’s make it up to be so the media views go up. You people are so ignorant for falling for it every time. What about all the black on white crimes? Those are occurring tenfold! They’re breaking into our houses and raping white women in our neighborhoods but let’s forget alllll about that because that’s okay right? Because we’re just white people who deserve it anyways because we enslaved y’all personally right? We deserve it and that’s what we get right? Yeah I don’t think so. The thing about it is—black people have more rights than any other race does now! They literally have a better chance to become successful with all the free money the government offers them—and this is how they act? I’m just so disgusted. I’ve been nice and held my tongue long enough. I’m ready to move out of Alabama and get away from these aggressive, abusive, bad attitude, brainwashed, racist, mean people who are walking contradictions who are only one sided and treat me like shit on a daily basis just because I’m white.

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I hope one day you’re as happy as you’re pretending to be. (via plantias)

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  • NOT
  • IS
  • OR
  • OR
  • AND
  • ARE
  • JUST
  • AND
  • YOU
  • DON’T
  • NEED
  • TO
  • TURN
  • INTO
  • FOR

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Me (minus the alcohol) after a couple on my list of most annoying couples breaks up. :3

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I’m tired of feeling discouraged and so small all the time.

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Literally all of these.

Literally all of these.

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Jasey Rae | All Time Low (Acoustic)

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